Friday, 6 November 2009

Adventures with isoamyl acetate

It doesn't take knowing me too long to learn of my obsession with fake banana flavo(u)r. Isoamyl acetate (banana oil) is the principal component of real banana flavo(u)r and commonly used in fake banana flavo(u)ring.

I love fake banana. I wish bananas tasted like fake banana.

So imagine my delight as I discovered banana-flavo(u)red Tootsie® Pops and even banana Tootsie® Rolls.

Okay, I'm not a fan of Tootsie Rolls in general, being fond of keeping my fillings, and 'flavo(u)red' TRs for holidays are often less than stellar. Now, truth be told, the banana TRs are pretty much what you would expect. Pale yellow, smelling and tasting faintly of fake banana. But if you love fake banana, it's a satisfying chew.

I read a review of banana Tootsie Pops that wasn't so good (I didn't save the URL), but the author admitted to not liking fake banana flavo(u)r to begin with. The dark yellow candy was a little confusing, and the flavo(u)r could have been a little stronger, but it was wonderful. And when you crunch through to get at the fake chocolate in the Tootsie Roll center...sublime!

So I snagged another one out of the bowl that I found it (it was after Halloween, after all) and have saved it for when I need a pick up. It stares at me every time I head out the door, from the shelf where I keep all my stuff for heading out the door. It's been five or six days, depending on how you count, and so far so good.

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