Sunday, 15 November 2009

Discomfort and sensibility

Too Much Information alert.

Okay, the wrist thing, whatever it was, cleared up after about two weeks. Just in time to not see my doctor, but whatever.

Meantime, I've developed a serious rash on my left instep. Actually, it started as just an itch, but I was scrubbing my feet with a new fake pumice thing and decided to go at the itch with the smoother side. Mistake. Took off a layer of skin. So it oozed and eventually scabbed over, but then I had to wear shoes for a ocuple of days in a row and it opened up again. So now I'm back to barefoot and trying to keep it that way.

The big news, injurywise is that just about a week ago, after a particularly productive Sunday followed by some celebrating on the town, I decided to boil some water to help clear my bathroom sink drain. But on the way it sloshed over and scalded my hand.

In case you're wondering, icing your hand with a hunk of frozen lasagne is not as much fun as you might think.

So no sleep to speak of Sunday night. The pain eventually subsided on Monday although of course it was sensitive to temperature and very tender for a couple of days. Then on Thursday it was feeling a little better, except that every time my hand dropped and swung, like while walking, the burn started to throb. So I spent most of Thursday with my hand above heart level. And my foot oozing into the bandage I was wearing under my sock.

So starting Thursday evening, I've been barefoot, the better to dry and scab over my rash, and trying not to reinjure my hand. Today I woke up and the burn was itchy, and had some peeling patches. And I've spent the day trying not to scratch or pick at the peels. But I've probably exposed aboug 2/3 of the burned area with only the worst part (and most discolo(u)red) still unpeeled.

It's sort of interesting how pink and shiny skin is underneath the peely bits.

But now I'm mostly out of food, so tomorrow I'll have to try to get to the grocery store or something. We'll see how the foot handles that.

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