Monday, 8 February 2010

And suddenly, it was two and a half months later

What a whirlwind. Finally calming down. Got nothing much to say, but let's catch up.

Finally got grades in, except for one student who disappeared with personal and family issues until after school started in January. Well, got a grade in for that student too, on the understanding that she'll get a paper finished eventually and it'll change.

January was full of nonsense--papers to read, reviews to write, that sort of thing. Didn't get done with all that until last week, but at least it's done.

Was able to pack up and clean the sublet, say goodbye to many TO friends (missed a few, who I hope will e-mail or Facebook me soon. Have started the long process of reintegrating myself into Winnipeg society.

Returned to Winnipeg late January 28th, or early January 29th. Celebrated with a Slamburger with Ken and Nitsa. It's good to have friends.

Saw the closing night of Drowsy Chaperone, thanks to Wpg friend Sheena, on my first Saturday back in town. Meantime, boxes have arrived and are mostly unpacked. May have a comedy show to see tonight and another tomorrow, but I'm kinda tired. We'll see how I feel after supper.

So, priorities now. Do all the research I was supposed to do in TO, get my house clean. And get out of debt. Which isn't easy, considering I've just had to replace my backpack and my dead toaster oven. Both still in the trunk of the car until I get a handle on the rest of my life.

K. I'm back.

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