Thursday, 11 February 2010

My slowly dying car

Here is a list of things that are wrong with my car, that I could pay money to fix, but since I'm planning to buy a new car soon (I hope) I'd really rather not. In no particular order.

  • all the cup holders are broken
  • the driver's side tail light is out
  • the driver's side tail light cover is broken
  • the reflector cover on the back of the trunk is loose
  • the driver's side front wheel well was shredded by my tread separation last year
  • the driver's side fender is sticking out funny since the tread separation
  • the fan resistor thing is broken, i.e. will only blow on high
  • the front passenger seat has had so many lattes spilled on it I can't cope with it anymore
  • the windshield washer pump has stopped working
  • there's no CD or MP3/aux player
  • it's probably time to do something about the brake pads
  • I lost the remote for the doors and trunk a couple years ago

I think that's everything. So I really want a new car. I have to make an appointment to test drive an Insight soon. I like the Insight because it's about $10K cheaper than the equivalent hybrids from other companies. Although I really would like to see a Chevy Volt, but they won't come out until at least the 2011 model year, and I don't think my present car will last long enough. But I have a good relationship with my Chevy maintenance people, which would be nice to preserve.


Rob Hagiwara said...

Oh, one more. Nothing blows through the dash vents, so I have the windshield vent, the side window vents, and the floor vents.

EilisFlynn said...

How old is it? I'm still toodling along with my 1987 Sentra. Primitive, but still working.